Leave your mark
everywhere you go.

Relive your memories
when you return.

Leave your mark
everywhere you go.

Relive your memories
when you return.


Spayce is a companion to life, picking up each moment that passes you by and immortalizing it through the physical anchor of location. Your journey spans everywhere you’ve been and everywhere you have yet to go.


Our memories tell the story of who we are through the experiences that have shaped our lives. By connecting your digital life with your physical world, Spayce surprises you often and delights you always.


Spayce anchors all of your memories to the locations that they were made in for you to relive every time you return. Spayce isn’t just a time capsule, it's a place capsule for your life.

Pinpoint accuracy

Whether you’re at a party, or in the classroom. At a bar, the office, or traveling in another city. Spayce is always showing you the memories you’ve made in the area, by tapping into an unparalleled database of location assets.


Everything you see on your Spayce is 100% private, only you have access to your memories. Spayce runs silently in the background, steadfastly backing up and memorializing your moments as they happen.

Follow the spayce journey

Founded in a small dorm
room at Harvard

Now in hundreds of campuses across the country

Coming soon to your city in "The Rocket", our 45 ft coach bus

Come out and plant the flag
with the Astronaut


Embarking on the Spayce journey means a race to 25 killer badges. Each badge that you earn is a mini adventure, and puts you one step closer to the status of globe trotter.